Set email Reminder in Yahoo App

Give 5 Minutes To Learn How To Set An Email Reminder In Yahoo App

Do not let anything you skip in your email, understand how to set an email reminder in the Yahoo app.

Lately, we told you that in the Yahoo mail app for Android and iOS we had a new option ready called “email reminders” because well now when we already have the belief that the application has been updated in most countries. So here we present this mini-tutorial where we will discuss how to set any of your inbox emails as a reminder.

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Mail Reminder: it works through the Yahoo Mail app where you can “mark” an urgent email so that you are informed at a certain time, you can check it again if you were So busy to read it at the moment, you will not forget it because you set up a reminder notification, that easy, but let’s understand how it works, it’s even simpler:

Fixing a Yahoo Mail reminder for any email in your inbox (from the mobile application)

  1. Insert a Yahoo application from your mobile.
  2. Once inside the inbox, pick the message you want to read again ( remember )
  3. View at the top right, mail options, display and look for “set reminder.”
  4. You will notice that the reminder option seems at the bottom of the email, you can write a note and set the time and date for it to arrive.
  5. Save the changes and that’s it.

Now you simply have to wait and the day and time indicated you will see as a notification on your mobile the email reminder you just created, it works well and is very valuable to prevent important things from being forgotten.

Use the email reminders as you want, you can set more than one for all your valuable emails.

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