How Do I Contact Yahoo Phone Support?

Yahoo mail support

Whenever difficulties arise with your Yahoo email account, you will occasionally need to call Yahoo support to solve these difficulties. Yahoo Customer Service will resolve email account problems, problems, and questions with the billing of Yahoo’s small business website. There are several numbers that you can call to reach Yahoo customer service.

List Of Yahoo Phone numbers

The headquarters of Yahoo! can be reached at the following numbers:

Telephone: 408-349-3300

Fax: 408-349-3301

Office hours are 8:30 am to 5 pm Pacific Standard time.

The billing customer support number is 866-562-7228, and the Small Business billing support line is 800-318-0870. For technical support for Yahoo small businesses, call 800-318-0783.

The working hours for these numbers are 6 to 18 Pacific Standard Time from Monday to Friday.

Yahoo Toll-free numbers

Yahoo has several toll-free numbers. The U.S. number is 800-318-0631, while Canadians can call 877-722 3755 for assistance.

Other fax and customer support

There are several other direct lines if you are unable to reach Yahoo thought the previous issues:

Customer Service: 855-963-0538

Press “2″ when asked to speak directly to a person.

How to contact a Yahoo representative Via Search Engine

Do you want to know how to contact Yahoo live agent for you issues & errors then kindly follow the below steps


Open your web browser.

Enter “” in the “web Address bar”.

Enter “Yahoo help central” in the “Web search” panel.

Click one of the first two items related to your search. Each will lead you to the corporate address and telephone numbers of the Yahoo office.

Note: To ask support for Yahoo about any of their services, you have to pay for Account Pro at $4.99 a month and you’ll be able to communicate quickly to a live representative.

Contacting Yahoo support

Despite the efforts of the Yahoo team, there are going to be times when it is necessary to contact technical support. If you have questions about your email account or to report someone’s behavior in a chat room, at some point you will want to know how to get in touch with the powers that be. Fortunately, there are a number of easy ways to get in touch with Yahoo support.


Contact Yahoo support

Log in to the Yahoo website and log in to your account (see resources below).

Click the ‘Help’ link to be redirected to the Yahoo help section. You can also go directly to this page using the Yahoo Web Address online help (see Resources below).

Click in the appropriate support section for a specific department. For example, if you need technical help, click on ‘Technical Support’. Click on the ‘Account Help’ link for more information related to your account, including personal and billing information.

Fill in all the required information in the selected form, including account information and password.

Submit your question or problem by typing it in the text field. There is no limit to the number of characters the query can include, so don’t worry if the text box appears smaller than you need.


Once you are done filling out the contact form, click on the ‘Submit’ button. Usually, you will receive a response from Yahoo support in minutes via email.