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Basic Principles to Solve Yahoo temporary error 15

Yahoo temporary error 15

Yahoo is one of the most popular email platforms and is considered by many people despite being various options available. Although the app is so popular and loved by everyone, there are still some bugs and errors that do pops up sometimes, one of which is Yahoo temporary error 15.

This temporary error usually gets solved automatically, but sometimes the situation gets out of our hands. For that situation, we will tell you some trouble shoot steps that will help you to get rid of this error.

Yahoo error 15 will restrict you from accessing your account and will lock you outside. It also makes the operating system slower, and another file also gets affected due to this.

Steps to solve Yahoo temporary error 15

  • Make sure that the operating system and the windows that you are¬†using are supported by Yahoo mail.
  • Try to clean your browser’s history along with cookies and cache files.
  • Log out of your email account immediately.
  • Now close your browser after doing all these steps.
  • After a few minutes, again open your browser and go to Yahoo.com
  • Enter your email address and password and try to login into your account.

These are necessary steps that can help you solve temporary error 15, but if the issue still exists, there is no need to panic; try to contact Yahoo mail support. Their skilled technicians will assist you and will solve your issue in no time.